Day/Night 2

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So we made it through another day although she continued to be mad at me for keeping her locked in her kennel.  Last night she very loudly voiced her displeasure all night, so needless to say I am one very tired tripawd mom today.

We had to go for a vet check up today and good news, Panda is healing nicely, her swelling is down and the leaking has lessened quite a bit.   As for the shivering and panting I was talking about in yesterday’s post the vet says it is her pain that is causing this.  That too seems to be better today.  Panda seemed very nervous when we walked into the vet’s office, I think she was afraid I would be leaving her there for a while again, now she is napping.  Overall it looks like today is a good day and she is doing better!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support and I will keep the updates coming.

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One thought on “Day/Night 2”

  1. they don’t call the first two weeks ‘hell weeks’ for nothing…this too shall pass. glad to hear panda is feeling better – don’t worry, she’ll forgive you for the kenneling, as soon as she’s feeling a little better.

    charon & gayle

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